21 Weeks

Hello friends!

I am so very behind on updates, but here we go!

Little Miss Quinn is 21 weeks, as of June 27th)

1472854_10103587885136283_1016324985100279774_n(1)and she is as cute as ever! This week I ordered her high chair and we have been putting her in it while we get dinner ready and while we eat.20150625_065801 She has also shown an increased interest in food, so we figured we would start her off with some avocado.Β  We decided to skip the cereal and oatmeal because after much research it really does not provide any real nutrients. Her very first taste of food was on June 25th,

I think she liked it. Since then we have slowly given her sweet potatoes as well. I am not really giving her food regularly, which might backfire later, but I am taking it slow with Quinn. 20150626_070615This week was Diana’s baby shower (which was awesome, update tomorrow) and Quinn had her second (or third) playdate with Farrah.

11666035_10103595020626703_4213598601927146493_n 11695434_10103595024953033_5713534626676491494_n 11666255_10103595022852243_1840704085326013573_n 11692689_10103595022008933_3291517916732959855_nI mean goodness, if they were any cuter I would faint!

Alright well that is all I have for you all today!


Check back tomorrow for pictures from Diana’s baby shower!



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