22 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Little Miss Quinn is 22 weeks (as of July 4), cue 4th of July fabric.

10410440_10103609745647643_3402282755671846972_nShe has SO much personality it is insane, and knock on wood she is always smiley.

11221472_10103603364580353_5105999165313209046_n 11665544_10103603364520473_7770395457090738534_n 11060094_10103603364410693_1039331264844191571_n 11403058_10103603364360793_717363339953966267_n 11692701_10103603364280953_8008480393245904702_nMan I love that little face! A lot happened this past week. Erik’s family was in town for Diana’s baby shower, so on Sunday we went to DC. Erik and Gary are working on the basement bathroom (WOOT) so I took both kids with me.  Thankfully, both kids were on their best behavior. In fact, they both slept most of the time.

IMG_20150628_133857_nopm_ IMG_20150628_133909_nopm_ 20150628_140935I would say that was a successful trip into DC. Liam woke up as soon as we were walking back to the metro, so he was excited to see and ride the train.

We have been trying to sit Quinn up more and more everyday, because if I remember correctly Liam was already starting to sit up by this age.

20150704_071803She likes it, but gets way too excited and just topples over.

20150703_105559 20150703_110140She is constantly moving her arms and legs trying to escape. I have a feeling she is going to start crawling in the next few weeks, yes I said weeks! I put solids on the back burner for now; to be honest I feel like I don’t have the time to sit down with her and feed her. Really sad I know, but that is the way life is right now! We will try solids again soon, I just have no idea when that is going to be.

20150704_105307Alright well, that is all I have for you all today!. I hope everyone has a great day!11539617_10103609743621703_881215052084947391_nCheers!


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