23 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Please hang with me while I catch up a bit, the last few weeks have been very stressful….

Little Miss Quinn is 23 weeks old (as of July 11)

11694839_10103623091562323_7432518394274344849_nThis week has been full of stress and anxiety. It all began when I thought she had an ear infection and took her to the doctor before work one day. Thankfully no ear infection, but the doctor asked me if I thought her forehead was protruding out more than usual. I told her I didn’t think it had, but she wanted us to make an appointment with a neurosurgeon. 20150708_175812I asked her if I could wait until her 6 month check up, since this was the first time this particular doctor had seen her. She said we could wait because she was developing well, and she didn’t see an immediate need for an appointment. Well.. I obviously googled the crap out of Craniosynostosis and convinced myself that she needs surgery. The day after the appointment I called the pediatrician’s office to schedule an appointment with her regular doctor. Our appointment is scheduled for Wednesday July 15th.

20150712_165244I have no idea how I am going to wait that long for answers, but I don’t really have a choice. In the meantime I will just soak up as much love from these two little nuggets as I can and try not to stress about it.

20150711_141658 20150711_141652In other news, remember how I’ve been telling you that I think Quinn is going to start crawling soon, well, she is really on the move. Here is a series of pictures I like to call, “Where did Quinn go”.

IMG_20150711_132902_nopm_ IMG_20150711_132939_nopm_ IMG_20150711_133004_nopm_ IMG_20150711_133547_nopm_Seriously?! I walked away for 3 seconds to get my water bottle. Ridiculous.

I will post an update as soon as I can after her appointment, but for now, look at how much bigger Liam was than Quinn. ha!

11745550_10103623130619053_1342229693779844186_nI hope everyone has a great day!



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