My Journey to Paleo/ Six month PP weight loss check in

Hello friends!

Finally here with my weight loss post sorry it took me so long to write it up.

As of today I am 2 lbs away from 50 lbs lost since I gave birth to Quinn, and I am extremely proud of myself. Both of my pregnancies were very healthy, but I will be the first to admit I had one too many orders of Chicken lo mein when I was pregnant with Liam. I gained 45 lbs when I was pregnant with Liam, and while I am ashamed of the number it doesn’t matter because I had a healthy and happy baby. I knew that if I worked hard I would be able to lose the weight that I had gained. The problem I faced was that I didn’t want to work hard to lose the weight after I had Liam. Thanks to nursing I lost 30 pounds by the time Liam was one; still 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. After I stopped nursing losing those 15 pounds felt impossible. I worked out and ate really well but the scale never moved. I was frustrated to say the least, gave up and went about my daily life 15 pounds over my normal weight.

When I got pregnant with Quinn I was determined to eat healthier and not gain as much weight as I did with Liam. Well, thanks to morning sickness I didn’t gain a single pound in the first 12 weeks. Not to worry though, I started gaining weight and ended up at the exact same weight at the end of both pregnancies. No biggie, my little Q was born healthy and that is all that mattered to me.10269275_10152817476172040_7789859833445967106_o

My twinsie/bestie Erin had to cut out dairy because Theo was allergic to it, and she lost a TON of weight. It sounded really hard to cut out dairy and I was really hoping that Quinn did not have the same issues. But because we are Erin and I have basically the same life, I soon found out that Quinn’s tummy was sensitive to dairy, so I decided I would cut it out to see if her tummy issues would resolve. They did so I went for it. Once I cut dairy out, I decided I was going to go all in and change my diet completely. This is where my Paleo journey started.IMG_20150409_084810

9 weeks PP

I did a lot of research and decided that this was the best thing for my body and my daughter. We as a family cut out processed foods (for the adults, Liam still has goldfish and other to go snack items that are not paleo) and most grains. Even Erik started to notice a difference in his digestion. We learned the key to Erik’s digestion issues are processed foods, so he does not eat those 99.9% of the time. I still make rice and sandwiches for him because those things do not seem to upset his stomach, but overall he will eat paleo most of the time. My body had never felt better!20150410_090621(1)


I have been eating paleo for about four months now and it feels awesome. Most recently though I have had a few unhealthy cravings that I have given into and have quickly paid the price for it. The other day I was starving and we didn’t have any food in the house other than leftover pizza. Well I had 2 small slices and I was paying for it the next day. But that isn’t the worst part; Quinn’s stomach was in knots the following day as well. I had thought, perhaps she had outgrown her sensitive tummy, but nope, dairy still bothers her. I haven’t been perfect; I have had a burger with a bun about three times, but hey YOLO. I love bread, but I do not love the way it makes me feel. Every time I stray from paleo I feel bloated and agitated. Lesson learned!20150403_101636

Exercise has been on the fritz the last few months. I was really going strong in the beginning with P90x and Insanity Max30, but it tapered off. I wasn’t getting much sleep at night, and being a full time working mom, it was running me way too thin. Something had to give, so exercise went out the window. It does make me sad because it gave me energy, but I just don’t have the time or energy right now to deal with it. I am working on getting Quinn to sleep through the night, and once that happens I will be starting Insanity Max30 again. I am so grateful to be nursing because that has allowed me to give up exercising without compromising my weight loss. With nursing I burn an extra 300 calories a day, but I know that when that stops in six months I will have to pick up the slack.

No weight loss post would be complete without a HUGE thank you to my amazing support system of family and friends. My husband and mom encourage me every single day and I am so thankful. I would not be where I am today without their support.11794558_10103670565040093_7029477183009759327_o

Today 8/3/15

Thank you all for reading! Please let me know if I can give you more information about paleo or if you just want to email me with your story (dorsah(at)gmail(dot)com), I LOVE hearing success stories.

I hope everyone has a great day!


2 thoughts on “My Journey to Paleo/ Six month PP weight loss check in

  1. Kathy says:

    You look awesome! I admire your dedication to eating paleo – I’m pretty sure I like dairy and grains way too much to do that but can’t argue with your results! Hope Quinn starts sleeping better for you.


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