27 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Checking in with Miss Quinn’s 27 week post (August 8th).

11817206_10103686941456623_4668202213317936699_nThis little girl can eat! This week we’ve tried cauliflower and peas with carrots mixed in and she love them both.

20150808_175520Liam wouldn’t even open his mouth for peas at her age. I do think I have found the perfect consistency for her food. The weirdest thing about our little Q is that she does not seem to like fruit in the puree form.  My mom made her peaches and she hated it, but when I held a peach to her mouth she couldn’t get enough of it! Same thing with bananas, super weird. I need to make some more peas and freeze them, mainly so I can monitor how many ounces of food she is getting.  I still think it is a little early for meat, but I might start combining fruits and veggies together.  I am also thinking of adding some applesauce and other fruit to her rice cereal to see if she will eat it.

This week she had a playdate with her second cousin Leah, and I completely failed to take pictures. Don’t worry, it was even cuter than you could ever imagine. I cannot wait to watch them play together as they get older.

20150809_093849Still no signs of teeth, and I am still NOT complaining. Ha! Teething was so freaking miserable with Lam, and I am NOT looking forward to living that life again.  Who knows, maybe this time will be different!?20150809_093845Anyway, that is all I have for you all today!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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