29 Weeks

Hello friends!

I jinxed it when I said I was on time with her weekly post. This post is almost a month late but here we go….

Little Miss Quinn is 29 weeks old (as of August 22, 2015), and has one sharp, pointy tooth sticking out of her gums.

11899924_10103718896603253_1699256932486138139_nI don’t think she has figured out that she can bite me yet, because thankfully it hasn’t happened.  I’ve been trying to get a picture of her tooth, but she is not willing to share…

20150822_170601This tooth surprised us because she did not have any of the teething symptoms that Liam had, and thank goodness too because Liam’s teething was just awful. We shall see if it keeps up with subsequent teeth.

20150822_170926The weather has been pretty good, and this past weekend while the boys were mowing the lawn, Quinn and I enjoyed a morning out on the deck. The lighting was awesome, so I took some pictures.

20150822_170557 20150822_170924Those are just from my phone, I got better ones on my camera! Welp kids, that is all I have for you all today. In honor of football season starting! GOOOOOO REDSKINS!

11951307_10103718898798853_7765625616147495084_nI hope everyone has a great day!



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