Busch Gardens

Hello friends!

Look a non-weekly update post; don’t fall out of your chairs! I am hoping to get back to blogging about things other than popping in here once a week for a weekly update.

On August 28th, Liam, Erik and I met up with Caden, Brandon and Erin at Busch Gardens.

20150828_114237They boys had an amazing time and we had fun watching them run around together. It took a few minutes for Liam to remember how much be loves Caden, but as soon as he did, they were both mimicking each others’ every move. It was adorable.

20150828_131601They would call for each other, to make sure they were both standing in lines together. At one point we were near a pond with turtles and we would hear, “Caden come look at this turtle!” or “Liam, do you see this turtle?”. So.Freaking.Cute.

20150828_14353720150828_134909 20150828_135803They rode on all the rides together, and even met Elmo. Caden was not a huge fan of lifesize Elmo, but it’s okay because his best friend took one for the team and stood next to him 🙂

20150901_092551We are hoping that we can make this an annual trip, but we will see because our friends are moving away.  We will just have to make it happen one way or another.

I leave you all with a video of the log flume ride 🙂 Enjoy



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