33 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Q-bear is 33 weeks old, as of September 19, 2015.

DSC_0822She is getting so so so close to crawling!  She spends more and more time on her hands and knees rocking back and forth, but gets lazy and rolls over on her back.

20150913_153113Her second tooth FINALLY broke through this week and we are back to sleeping until 4am!  I was playing around with the idea of cutting out that 4 am feeding, but when I go in to get her, she is hungry.  Maybe in a few weeks we can start to cut that feeding out so I can sleep until my alarm (aka Erik) wakes me up 🙂

20150915_080112My mom started making her soup this week!  Her soups are jam packed with awesome things including meat! Quinn LOVES it! I’ve been giving her a variety of veggies and barley for lunch everyday and now I will be giving her my mom’s soup for dinner.

20150913_153009She gets 4 oz of veggies and barley for lunch and 4 oz of my mom’s soup for dinner. Some days it seems like 4 oz is not enough, but I have yet to increase the amount, perhaps in a few weeks I will. Also this week, I think I will start giving her breakfast, which will be a veggie, apple sauce and oatmeal. I have to finish off the instant baby oatmeal first but once I do we will start making extra steal cut oats in the morning and using that. Perhaps we will even introduce eggs this week!

Alright, well that is all I have for you all today!

33 weeks1I hope you have a great day!



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