34 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Out little lady is 34 weeks old, as of September 26, 2015.

12030389_10103814769892413_5230177104514963543_oShe is such a little peanut and I love it 🙂 We went apple picking this week.11224075_10103792386284343_793717067858100746_o 12033113_10103792700973703_6685414483182264287_nI will do a separate post on that tomorrow, complete with a million pictures!20150920_103748On Saturday, we went to our friend’s house for his birthday party and Quinn went on a swing for the very first time, and LOVED it

20150919_190105 20150919_185401We left both kids with my mom and sister this week, so that we could attend our friend Warren’s wedding in Charlottesville. Stay tuned for that post coming this week as well! I know, I am blowing your mind with all these updates! My mom and sister had a really good time with the kids

12068914_10203463249861976_2881112039862081462_o 12032906_10203463249981979_2861709945690124623_o 11754714_10203463249941978_8019990418522958965_o 12038690_10203463249901977_4400626470577295757_oIt was our first night away from Quinn since she was born, and I am happy to say she did really well. Hooray Quinny!  She went to sleep without fuss and slept until 3am!

She also learned to army crawl this week and has been using this method to get around the house. It is adorable! I am not sure why I haven’t taken a picture of it yet, but I will!

Alright friends! I hope everyone has a great day!



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