Warren and Heather’s Wedding!

Hello friends!

Boy oh boy do I love weddings! Last Friday (September 25, 2015) one of my best friend’s, Warren, got married in Charlottesville. Everything was amazing,the venue was breathtaking, 12068847_10103805210843823_3277385273978695496_o 12002442_10103805213623253_7701138726533518009_o 12038892_10103805210559393_1694474068717535689_oand the food.. OMG the food!

I didn’t take any pictures of the hors d’oeuvres because I thought that would be creepy, but they had BACON.WRAPPED.DATES. yeah.. I ate quite a few of them. Man I wish I had one right now.. I digress; the wedding, it was lovely and Heather.. one word…gorgeous

11231703_10103805213059383_5377126351881938408_oWarren cleans up nicely too,

12030467_10103805211357793_404288472111124087_oI kid, I have never seen him so happy!!! It was so wonderful. We took some time before the ceremony and after the cocktail hour (because I was too busy eating dates during the cocktail hour) to take some pictures. I mean how often do you get to dress up and go on a date with you hubby sans kids!?

12000982_10103805213748003_2971075179187320361_o 12034291_10103805214521453_7487488536233853741_o 12034224_10103805210908693_9039760453660638039_oOkay, I take it back we did take some fun pictures during the cocktail hour,

12068995_10103805215334823_3434363554626469349_oAfter a LOVELY dinner,

11218186_10103805216247993_1540653809795904039_oWe danced the night away with our good friends

virginia-wedding-photography_trump-winery_charlottesville_jpp-studios_hw_41 virginia-wedding-photography_trump-winery_charlottesville_jpp-studios_hw_44virginia-wedding-photography_trump-winery_charlottesville_jpp-studios_hw_28 Photo Credit JPP Studios for the last three pictures.

Congratulations Warren and Heather, I wish you many year of happiness. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day

10658628_10103805213733033_2717704242535486954_oAlso thank you for the Bacon wrapped dates, seriously people they were amazing.



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