35 Weeks

Hello friends!

Little miss Quinn is 35 weeks old, as of October 3, 2015.

DSC_0726This week she has been practice her crawling skills and has started to move on her hands and knees.

I think she is getting her top front teeth in, because she has been extra fussy the last few days. I decided to give her a frozen banana, at first she wasn’t too sure about it,

IMG_0015but after a while she loved it and was chowing down

IMG_0016This week she turned 8 months

DSC_0765I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. I feel like I need to start figuring out what we are going to do for her BIRTHDAY! Just look at how much she has changed in 8 months,

8 months1I love my little peanut! Β She is in size 3 diapers, and wears 6-9 month clothes. She still fits into some 6 month onesies.

Okay that is all I have for you all today!



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