Basement Bathroom Reno

Hello friends!

Our basement bathroom is DONE! If you recall this is what the bathroom looked like before we bought the house…

basement bathbleh! We never used the bathroom down there because the basement itself was in rough shape. But we figured as the kids get older they are going to want a space for themselves. That and selfishly, Erik and I want all the toys out of the family room! We decided it was time to finish up the basement. The first step was the bathroom.

We started with the floors; Gary had some extra marble that he did not need so he gave it to us.

IMG_0153All I had to do was pick out the tile and design the shower. This part took FOREVER! I wanted a gray tile, but no one, I mean no one thought the color combination I picked would look good with the marble floor tile. But I stuck with my gut and I have to say it looks amazing.

IMG_0154 IMG_0323 IMG_0322I love it so much! We have to replace the medicine cabinet, because it looks ridiculous, but no biggie. I will eventually find a mirror that I want to hang in there.  I am not even sure why we decided to buy it. Bleh. Other than that we are go happy with the way it turned out! Up next… The basement!!

I hope everyone has a great day!



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