38 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Our little peanut-butter is 38 weeks old, as of October 24, 2015.

12194770_10103869449643753_3365515644138391072_oShe has three top teeth working their way out. Tooth #3 has broken through but she is working on 4 and 5. I am hoping they come in soon and we get a break before she gets the next set.

IMG_0379 IMG_0386She has been pretty fussy because of these teeth. Bleh! I was lucky enough to spend the entire day with her on Friday and took a million pictures.  She sat around in her high chair most of the morning while I did some work, but got restless after a while so we moved our work from home party to the family room. She loves crawling and rolling around

IMG_0362 IMG_0360 IMG_0361She also decided that since her brother was at school she was going to go through all of his toys and make a huge mess.

IMG_0367 IMG_0366She was having a great time so I let her make a mess. She is too cute!

IMG_0369 IMG_0370 IMG_0368This week she learned to wave bye bye, which is freaking adorable this time around too. She kills me! She has also been eating really well this week, despite the whole teething thing. She eats about 4-6 oz for lunch and 6 oz at dinner time. I’ve tried giving her steel cut oats and apple sauce in the morning and she is not a fan.  On weekends, when we wake up a liiiiiiittle later, she will eat waffles and eggs. She loves waffles, almost as much as Liam does! Most of the time I give her purees first then put some pieces of food in front of her and she seems to love it.  She definitely loves solid foods better than purees, but purees are sometimes easier.  It all depends on how hungry she is. If she is starving, she wants food as fast as she can get it! We try and mix it up and it seems to be going well.

IMG_0358 IMG_0355 IMG_0356Alright I think that is all I have for you all today!

I hope you have a great day!38 weeks



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