42 Weeks

Hello friends!

Little Miss Quinn is 42 weeks old, as of November 21, 2015. DSC_0879 This week has been a big week in terms of her development. I mentioned last week that she is officially talking, aka repeating words.  This week if you say hi to her she will say hi or hey back to you. She will also say her own version of “I love you”, when you say it to her. At least it sounds like “I love you” to me. IMG_0749At the beginning of the week she started to wave “bye, bye” and it is the cutest wave I have ever seen. Seriously, it is adorable. Maybe I will catch it on video sometime. Speaking of which, I really need to be better about taking videos of both kids. IMG_0750 (2)She has been having more and more fun playing with her big brother, and he has been having a blast with her too.  He really is the sweetest boy and loves his sister so much. I can see him getting more and more excited as she gets bigger and has become more interested in playing with him.  This week they played in the tent together.

IMG_0770 (1) Liam kept saying, “come on Quinny”, as she was crawling into the tunnel. And once she got in the tent he was showing her all of his cars. IMG_0772 (1)I am loving every minute of this precious time in their lives.

Alright friends, I hope everyone has a great day!
42 weeks



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