43 weeks

Hello friends!

Our little lady is 43 weeks old, as of November 28, 2015.  This week was the annual Tech/UVa football game, and if I had known Beamer was going to retire before I used my Tech fabric I would have used that this week, but I didn’t… so…..DSC_1015 This week has been a pretty big week for our little lady. She got to enjoy her very first Thanksgiving, and LOVED it. She was so happy to have her whole family over, and let me tell you, my girl can EAT. I have no idea where she puts it all because she is very petite. Good for her!

IMG_0841She also said “Mama” this week and I about fainted. Seriously, the cutest “mama” ever. She said it and put her head on my shoulder, My heart melted.

IMG_0807One bizarre thing that happened this week was that she had an allergic reaction to the Purple carrot and Blueberry Puffs. She got hives with a low grade fever. We called the doctor and he said that he didn’t think it was a reaction, but that it was a warning sign that she was going to get a virus soon.  I didn’t buy it. I am still convinced it was the puffs. I haven’t given it to her again and I don’t plan on it for a while. IMG_0799We were lucky enough to get to stay home with both kids for a good 5 days this week, between working from home, the holiday and the weekend. It was awesome, and I think Quinn got used to sleeping in until 8 everyday and wasn’t ready for a nap until around 10. When I put her down for her naps those days, she slept for over three hours! I am not sure if she is telling us she is ready to go down to one nap or what. She did seem like she was ready for another nap at around 5, but it is way too close to bedtime for a nap.

IMG_0794During the week, she takes a little cat nap in the car after I pick her up, so maybe that will be enough to get us to bedtime for a little while. I really have no idea.

Well friends, that is all I have for you today. I hope everyone has a great day!
43 weeks



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