44 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Our little lady is 44 week, as of December 5, 2015.

DSC_0973We had a really fun week this week. She is such a little troublemaker! Not really but she is so much more curious than Liam was, and is into EVERYTHING.  DSC_0956 DSC_0960She mainly loves to get into Liam’s toys and play with them.IMG_0944 IMG_0943He is really good about sharing his toys, most of the time. IMG_0942We took the kids to see Santa this weekend, and she hated it. HA

Well she was happy to be with mommy, daddy and Liam,IMG_0910 IMG_0916 IMG_0914 but the fun stopped as soon as she saw the man in the red suit. Being the bad mother that I am, I was totally thrilled with how this year’s Santa picture turned out.

IMG_0917So very accurately shows Quinn’s feelings towards strangers.

We also took our Christmas card pictures, and I ordered the cards. I cannot wait to get them, they are AMAZING this year. She was such a little ham

IMG_0926 IMG_0927I took pictures of my laptop as I was editing them. Well that is all I have for you all today! Check back soon for Family room pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



44 weeks


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