Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions

Hello friends!

Here we are, the first few days of 2016 and I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for the next few years.  2016 will be the first year, since 2011, I won’t be nursing (after Quinn turns 1) or pregnant!? Can you believe it?!  My body will be 100% mine. Please don’t take that comment as a “oh she isn’t grateful for her children or being pregnant” comment. I love my kids very very much, and I loved (almost) everything about being pregnant and nursing (minus the pumping at work), but I am really looking forward to being able to take medicine when I am sick.  Seriously, that is the #1 thing I am looking forward to.

It is kind of a weird feeling, but I think it will be really good. I am going to use this year to focus on me a little bit more.  I am not calling it a New Year’s Resolution because I hate them.  I see people, myself included, make resolutions for the New Year and totally give up two weeks into the New Year.  This is why I went with the 101 in 1001 list; it gives me a good chunk of time to accomplish more of my goals. I actually had a really hard time coming up with 101 things this time; who would have thought it would be hard to think of 101 things you want accomplish or try in the next 2.75 years.

I want to get back to some of my own hobbies, most of which revolve around fitness, reading and cooking; in hopes of passing some of those hobbies onto my kids. Liam already loves reading books, and I want his love for books to continue. Quinn on the other hand, is too much of a little busy body to sit still for books. I really want to find a way to get her more interested. I think we have to change our routine with her and start reading her books throughout the day instead of right before bed when she is grouchy.

I also want to focus on spending more time with our family in the next few years. Since this will be the first year we do not have a newborn or I am not pregnant in a while, I want to take more trips with the family.  Erik and I have some fun trips planned for our family this year but I want some ideas from you guys. Where can we take the kids for a long weekend? At some point this year I know we are going to go camping and Great Wolf Lodge, but other than that I really have no idea where else we can go.

2015 was an incredible year for our family, and we are so grateful for everything we have and have gotten to experience. I am looking forward to seeing what awesome adventures 2016 has in store for us!

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and I hope 2016 brings everyone good health and lots of laughter.



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