48 Weeks

Hello friends!

I can’t believe I am actually on time with one of Quinn’s weekly posts. Little Miss Quinn is 48 weeks old, as of January 2, 2016.


She is also officially 11 MONTHS OLD


That is seriously insane. I feel like I just had her, and now here she is, almost ONE. I am in total denial. I have already started planning her birthday party and I am actually really excited about it.  Most of you know Liam and Quinn’s birthdays are just ONE day apart, so birthday parties around our house will be combined after this year, until they decide they hate it and want separate birthday parties. Liam’s party is going to be the week before his actual birthday this year, and Quinn’s will be on her actual birthday! I can’t wait. According to my measurements she is 29 inches long and a little over 19 pounds. She is so teeny tiny; especially compared to Liam at this age.

48 weeks

Oh man this week she learned to stand up on her own without holding onto anything. I have yet to get a picture of her standing because as soon as I get my phone out and open the camera, she either sits down or falls.


She also got her second flu shot this week, thank goodness too because it is starting to get really cold.


Since we have been home for a few days, she has gotten used to sleeping in and Monday morning was really rough for both kids.  Neither of them woke up on their own,


I really hate waking them up. But thankfully, they both woke up in a great mood. Speaking of getting cold… We had our first fire of the season,


Mmmm, honestly the only good thing about winter is being able to have fires, other than that I hate everything about winter.

Onto more things I really dislike… teething,.. I think she is getting more teeth because sleep sucks again. I don’t know how much longer I can keep waking up at night, I am really going to start losing it soon (more so than usual!). Maybe I will start letting her cry it out for longer periods of time in the next week or two.

Ugh, oh well. This too shall pass! At least babies are cute!


Sorry this post is all over the place. As she gets closer to ONE, I feel like she has been doing more things I want to share with you all.

Alright friends, that is all I have for you all today.IMG_1269

I hope everyone has a great day!



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