49 Weeks!

Hello friends!

Little Miss Quinn is 49 weeks old, as of January 9, 2016.

49weeksI honestly cannot believe she will be ONE at the end of this month. It really seems impossible that an entire year has already gone by. Lots of fun things have been going on around our house.  Now that Quinn has shown interest in standing and walking, we decided to bring out the walker.

IMG_1386She loves it!  Liam didn’t have much interest in using it to get around after about a week or two.  I don’t know if it actually helped him learn to walk, but thought we would give it a try with her.IMG_1387 IMG_1382She gets really excited when we bring it out for her to play with. On Friday, I FINALLY got a picture of her standing on her own.

IMG_1432She stands unassisted for longer periods of time each time she does it, so I figured I would eventually get a good picture. I actually was able to take like four pictures. She still doesn’t feel comfortable moving her feet unless she is holding onto something; she usually reaches for me and falls forward.  It would be cool if she started walking before her first birthday like Liam did, but we will see.

Earlier in the week, we bought Liam a new big boy carseat and put Quinn in his old one.

IMG_1424She is so much happier now, but she looks like such a big girl in it 😦 I can’t believe time is moving so fast, please please slow down! Sigh…

Alright friends, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!




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