It happened!

Hey guyssss,

It happened! I WON THE LOTTERY. Yup you are looking (er?reading?) at the newest $4 lottery winner! I have no idea how I am going to spend the money, maybe I will invest it. So many possibilities, I am going to need some time to think about it.lottery-girl-520x346

(link for picture)

HA! In all seriousness I hope the people that won the lottery do something meaningful with the money and don’t (excuse me French) piss it all away on stupid stuff. I feel like Saturday’s drawing for 40 million would be the one to play, maybe the odds of winning the lottery after the big one is slightly higher. Who knows.

Anyway! I wanted to pop in today to clear something up from yesterday’s post. My sister said my post made it seem like our dad was overweight and that was the cause of his diabetes; he was not overweight. His diabetes was caused from the medication he had to take for his kidneys, but it was still hard to see him go through the pain, and I want to do whatever I can to maintain a healthy body.

I also wanted to pop in and share a 30 day guide to Paleo that I found and have been playing around with:

Take a look at it, and maybe grab your own ebook copy of it.

It has a weekly meal plan:


mealplanShopping lists:

shopping listand some delicious looking recipes:


Check it out and get your own copy. I cannot wait to try some of the recipes out!

Alright friends! I hope you all have a great day!


*Disclosure: This post is not sponsored, but please be aware that there may be some affiliate links in this post. I genuinely thank you for your support!


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