50 Weeks!!!

Hello friends!

Only TWO more weekly posts to go 😦 I cannot believe our little lady is already 50 weeks old and will be ONE in 2 weeks?! REDIC DSC_1088JUST LOOK AT HER LITTLE TOES?! CoMe oN!

This week we gated the kids in Q’s room so we could do a little house cleaning. It was more to keep Quinn contained than Liam, but he didn’t try and climb out, and they played really well together for about an hour; it was glorious. #parentingwin


This week, they also had their very first fight. I really wish I had gotten it on video, but we were too busy laughing about it. Liam would put all the cars in the garbage truck and Quinn would open it and take them out as soon as he walked away. It was hilarious. IMG_1470Liam as very sweet about it, he kept saying, “Quinny STOPPPPP”. He did tell on her though, “mommy Quinny keeps making a mess,” HA. We have our work cut out for us with these two.. I love it! But in all seriousness, we are very blessed with kids that really love each other and get along so well.

Erik and I were still laying in bed when Liam and Quinn both woke up Saturday morning. We had told Liam to stay in his room and play, and he did for a while, but when he heard Quinn crying, he went into her room, turned on the lights (which required bringing one of his chairs in to stand on), put toys in her bed and climbed right in.

IMG_1535We watched them play on the camera for a good 20-30 minutes before getting up for the day. It was adorable. Actually I think Liam came in and told us he had to go to the bathroom, so we got up. I love watching them grow up together 🙂

Alright friends! That is all for this week!

Week 50I hope everyone has a great night!



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