Gallery Wall reveal!

Hello friends!

As promised and three days late, here is my gallery wall reveal. I am so so so so in love with it. I will warn you, I do not have any pictures in the frames yet; that is going to take a lot longer than me picking the pieces out.  I do know they will all be black and white pictures, and probably pictures from some of the places we have visited. And I actually think I am going to keep one of the pre-framed pictures, and no Anya it is not the Zebra! HA.

Guys it was a process to get this thing to where it is now, it started out looking like this…

IMG_1125Then I got a few ideas from pinterest and started making cardboard cutouts and taping them to the wall.

IMG_1213Then it started to slowly come together. My mom and I went to Ikea and World Market and got all of the frames you see here. IMG_1275 IMG_1276The final detail pieces make the wall complete. I found the arrow on pinterest and showed it to Gary. He and Erik whipped it up in the garage,

IMG_1396We put the arrow on the wall, and I liked it but thought it kind of stuck out in a bad way.

IMG_1395We left it that way until the final pieces came in. Then I asked them to stain it the same color as the console table (more on that later).  My mom and I made one last trip to world market this past weekend to get the last circle frame and the key you will see on the left of the gallery

Alright I have made you all wait long enough….Here is the completed gallery wall! (sorry about the lighting in the photos)

DSC_1137So cute right?! Here I will show you 1000 more pictures of it.
DSC_1139 So the console table.. You remember it from my family room post; the one from world market..

IMG_0883Yes that one. I showed it to Gary, and he got the details and dimensions from the website and recreated it. IMG_1478 IMG_1527DSC_1145 I got the handles from World Market for.. wait for it… $7 each!?!  I think it fits in perfectly, and really ties the room together. DSC_1144 I don’t know how I am going to accessorize the top of it yet, but I think fresh flowers are going to always be a must.  Liam picked those flowers out for me when we went to Costco the other day.

DSC_1133 DSC_1145AH I LOVE IT. Next up, the matching coffee table and benches for the dining room 🙂

Have a great day!



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