Hammer and Chisel Week 1 Breakdown!

Hello friends!

*Sorry I never posted this last week, but here is my breakdown of week of of HC*


We finished week 1 of HC last week and we are both very sore, in a good way. I want to take some time to break down the workouts so you get a better feel for what the program is all about. Here we go!

Chisel Balance

Trainer: Autumn Calabrese
Hammer Balance Duration: 40 minutes.
Hammer Balance Required Equipment: Bench (or ball), dumbbells


This is the first workout in the program and it is a good one. This workout is 40 minutes, which includes a warm up and cool down, and it focuses on… you guessed it… your balance. All the moves are 15 reps and you do each move twice before moving on to the next move.

  1. One Leg Squat Sit- This one uses the bench (we use our ottoman, not recommended) but there is an option to do the squat without any equipment. I used a 10lb weight and you basically stand on one leg and drop down to a seated position on the bench, and then stand up again. It is actually a LOT harder than it sounds.
  2. One Leg Bridge Pullover- You lie on the floor with 1 leg in the air in a bridge position and pull the weights from back to front.
  3. One Leg Squat Deadlift- Hold the weight in one hand and balance on the other. You bend forward and extend the elevated leg back while you reach the weight to the ground.
  4. Up-Down- You use the bench or ball for this one and just your body weight. You go into a plank position and take turns putting your hand up and taking it off the bench like you are walking up steps with your hands.
  5. Split Squat Jump- This is the hardest but most fun move of the workout. You put one foot (toes) on the bench and you stand in a lunge position. You then squat down and use the planting foot to jump up, bringing your knee up to your chest while still balancing on the bench.
  6. Renegade Row Leg Lift- Basic one arm row where your hand is on the bench and as you row you lift your opposite leg in the air.
  7. One arm press bridge- Just like it sounds. You are in a bridge position on the bench or ball; while you do your press with one arm you raise the opposite leg.
  8. Balance Row Pistol Squat- You start leaning forward and do a row with one foot behind you, then you move your lifted leg into the pistol position and do a squat. Super hard!

Hammer Plyometrics

Trainer: Sagi Kalev
Hammer Plyometrics Duration: 26 minutes
Hammer Plyo Required Equipment: Band, Bench, Pull up Bar, dumbbell


Second workout of the program, Sagi is funny and hardcore! This workout is 26 minutes long but it’s a hard one too! All nine moves are 30 seconds long, you do all of them once then take a short break and do them all again for round 2.

  1. Vertical Jump- Squat then jump with one arm raised.
  2. Burpee Pull Up- Just like it says, a burpee then a pull up, for 30 seconds
  3. Leg in and outs- Straddle the bench (or you can do it on the ground), holding on to it you jump up and put your feet on top of the bench and jump down. Or you can move your legs in and out while you jump in a plank position on the ground.
  4. Plyo Push up taps- Push-up, and when you come up you tap the bench with one hand.
  5. Crazy Horse- Hold on to the bench and hop over it. Or on the ground in a plank position hop from side to side.
  6. Chin up crunch squat jump- This is a chin-up (hands reversed so your palms face you) – on the upward pull, lift your knees to your chest to do a mid-air crunch. After, drop from the bar and do a squat and a high jump.
  7. Knee Driver- Starting in a lunge position with a weight in your one hand, you raise up and raise your knee up to your chest while you jump up.
  8. Sumo Tuck Jump- sumo squat positon, squat down and jump up.
  9. Lunge Lunge Squat- a lunge, followed by another lunge then a squat. A real butt burner J

Iso Strength Chisel

Trainer: Autumn Calabrese
ISO Strength Chisel Duration: 35 minutes.
ISO Strength Chisel Required Equipment: Bench, Pull up bar, dumbbells


All moves are 10 reps, followed by a 10 second isometric hold, three times.

  1. Sumo Squat- With weights, down and up 10 times then hold
  2. Push up- 10 pushups- then 10 second hold in the down position
  3. Split Squat- One foot on the bench with weights, up and down 10 times, then 10 second hold.
  4. Pull up- down and up 10 times then hold ( I use a band)
  5. Step up side hold- You step up and down on the bench from the side holding a weight. After 10 reps you stand on the bench with one leg in front of you and you hold it for 10 seconds.
  6. One arm row- up and down 10 times with weight then hold
  7. Sit up C-curve- I am still trying to master this one. Sit ups with a light weight held at your chest. Make sure you keep your chest up. The isometric hold is for 10 seconds in the down position.
  8. Lateral raise- Omg please use a light weight for this one. A lateral raise and an iso hold at the top after 10 reps.

Day 4 is a REST DAY!

Iso Speed Hammer

Trainer: Sagi Kalev
ISO Speed Hammer Duration: About 25 minutes, of which about 4 is warmup
ISO Speed Hammer Required Equipment: Weights, pull-up bar, bench or ball, resistance band


You do each move for 10 reps, then the next 10 reps of that more are FAST

  1. Push Up –  10 slow pushups, followed immediately by 10 fast ones.
  2. Static Lunge – With weights – lunge position. Down for 3 then up.
  3. Chin Ups – Reverse grip chin-ups – 10 slow followed by 10 fast. I use the resistance band.
  4. Deadlift – With weights – you go down, keeping your butt back and then up again.
  5. Side Lateral Raise – Just like the last Autumn workout, light weights and do lateral raises.
  6. Sumo Squat – Sumo squat while holding a weight in front of you while you go up and down.
  7. Rear Delt Cross Fly – Hold the band in both hands, and stand on top of it on the floor. Cross the bands and bend at the waist. You then reverse fly up, focusing on your back and deltoids.
  8. Pistol Squat – Just like Autumn’s earlier move, a one-leg squat with your other leg out in front of you.
  9. Curl Face Down – A bench would have been preferable, but you can use a ball. Lay on your belly on the ball or bench and curl the weights up.
  10. Calf Raises – Up & down! They recommend standing on the back of a bench so you can lower your calves more. I did mine directly on the floor.
  11. Tricep Kickback Twist – Bend at the waist, and kick your arms back and rotate as you do the move!

Chisel Endurance

Trainer: Autumn Calabrese
Chisel Endurance Duration: About 35 minutes
No Equipment: Just bodyweight


All the moves are 60 minutes, and they are hard. I did not last the 60 seconds. You do all the moves, then take a short break and start again for round 2.

  1. Bench Run Ups (L / R) –  We don’t have a bench so we used our ottoman. You step up with one foot, and step down, and keep going. After 60 seconds, you switch to the other leg.
  2. Negative Pull Ups – Slow on the down. They used a wide-grip in the video. I used the resistance band. One day I will be able to do a real pull up!
  3. Step up Cross Over (L / R) –One foot stays planted on the bench (our case ottoman) the other foot goes up & over while you are holding a weight. This gets significantly more challenging if you pretend you are lifting your back leg up and over something behind you.
  4. Decline Push Up  – Your toes on the bench (ottoman) and do pushups. Killer.
  5. One Hand Row with Leg Extension (L  / R)  – One hand on the bench and row with your other. Your leg also goes up in the air.
  6. Incline Press – Set the bench at a 45 degree angle (or use the ball). 60 seconds of press. Your chest will be sore after this one.
  7. Plank Knee Taps –  It’s called plank but it’s actually the Sphinx position – on your forearms. Then, you lower and tap each knee repeatedly for 60 seconds.

Total Body Hammer & 15 minute Ab Hammer

Trainer: Sagi Kalev
Total Body Hammer Duration: About 45 minutes. Followed by 15 Minute Ab Hammer!
Total Body Hammer Required Equipment: Weights, pull-up bar, bench or ball, resistance band


This one is KILLER. Each move staggers down in reps as you move up in weights; first you do 10, then 8 then 6. Like I said KILLER! There are three rounds of different moves. I really love this workout.

Round 1:

  1. Bench Press –  Bench or ball, you do the press, first 10, then 8, then 6 times. Try and increase your weights after each set.
  2. Squat – a simple squat with knees shoulder distance apart. This move gets significantly harder if you squeeze your butt and legs as you come up.
  3. Reverse Grip Row – Bend at the waist and pull the weight towards you, focusing on your back

Round 2:

  1. Incline Fly  – Same as the bench press but you do a fly move and on an incline, so you work your upper chest more
  2. Reverse Lunge– Step back lunges. Round one is the right leg, round 2 is the left leg!
  3. Wide Pull-Up – I use the resistance band for this one.

Round 3:

  1. Military Press –  I just sit on the ottoman and do a military press.
  2. Split Squat – One leg up on a chair and then you squat with the other leg. Round 1 is the right leg, and round 2 is the left leg!
  3. Post Delt Fly – This is a one-armed deltoid work, swing your arm up! Start with a lighter weight for this one.

Alright friends! That is the breakdown of the first week of HC. Next week’s workouts are all different so I will do another breakdown of week 2, with an end of week progress picture. I can’t wait to see the results!


I hope everyone has a great day!



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