Finally Friday!

Hello friends!

Happy Friday!!!!  I forgot to mention this yesterday but our little Qbear is officially walking.  She sort of has been taking steps for about two weeks now, but wed night she took a ton of steps.  She was even changing directions and standing up from a seated position.  I posted videos of this on my Instagram (you know you wanna follow meeeeee). She still prefers crawling as her main method of getting around be she is starting to stand and take more steps. It’s adorable and I am actually really excited for her to walk 100% of the time because the knees of her pants are all wearing down!

Speaking of clothes….. haha… I got some new workout gear yesterday!


mmm so excited, they were on sale, so I snatched them up.  The shorts fit a little weird because I think my legs are still too big for tight shorts, but I am working on it.  I was totally not motivated to workout yesterday, until I went outside and saw this box sitting on my stoop.  Once I opened it and realized what it was I could not WAIT to put them on and get in gear.


The Hammer and Chisel tank is SO FREAKING SOFT.  I might order a few for some giveaways… maybe… we will see. Alright friends! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! The kids and I are going to Richmond this weekend to visit a few wonderful people 😉 while Erik and his crew start the backyard reno… Oh did I not mention that… errr ya we are getting out backyard leveled… I’ll post before pictures and show you some progress pictures on Monday!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!



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