Richmond Day Visit!

Hello friends!

This past weekend the kids and I drove down to Richmond (Erik was doing more house renovation stuff) to visit our favorite people.


One of my very best best friends is moving to California. Her hubby got an amazing opportunity out there, so they are packing it up and heading to the west coast! While I am really (REALLY) sad they are moving, I am equally as excited to see where this journey takes them. Liam has already started asking when we are flying out to California to see them.

The kids had a great time at the children’s museum.Β IMG_8297


See… they were excited!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Erin and I were too busy yaking (and trying to keep track of FOUR kids) to take pictures.

We had lunch at Panera (duh) and hugged each other goodbye (sniff). Then we attempted to take a picture.. It is impossible to take a good picture with four kids.. It just cannot be done.




After lunch, the kiddos and I went to visit my sister!


They played, took amazing naps and watched “ran out of gas car” (Madagascar) before we hit the road and headed home. We met Erik at chick-fi-la for dinner and Liam told daddy about his awesome day with his friend.

I am so so glad we got to go down to spend the day with them, I wish we had scheduled the weekend sooner so we could have stayed the entire weekend, but a few hours is better than none at all.

We love you guys and we cannot wait to come visit πŸ™‚

I hope everyone has a great day!



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