Good Food Day

Hello friends ūüôā

oh how I love good food days. Sunday night before we got back from dinner, we stopped at Safeway so I could pick up my granola for the week. ¬†The Bear Naked Banana Nut was on sale (woot 50 cents off……), so I bought two bags, and I decided to try a new flavor (Vanilla Almond Crunch):

I’m not sure how I feel about this one… I had it in my peach Chobani¬†¬†and it did not blow my mind. ¬†I am going to try it in my strawberry one today and see how that works out for me. ¬†I do like the way it tastes plain, so that is a plus. They are just so expensive I am not sure how many more of them I want to try….

Also on Sunday was my coworker’s birthday, and yesterday at work his girlfriend sent him an Edible Arrangement.

It was a Chocolate covered granny smith apple with cinnamon business on top.

The person that thought of these edible¬†arrangements¬†is a¬†genius. ¬†Who needs flowers anymore, when you can send food to your friends and family as gifts! ¬†I would really love to try one of their¬†arrangements¬†with the chocolate covered strawberries!¬† I took one home to Erik and the first bite he took he literally said,” O.M.G. these are amazing.” ¬† I mean come on which apple would you choose:

If you must know, I ate both, haha.  But the chocolate covered one was obviously better.  This really got me in the mood for Caramel apples!  Last year when I had to go to Washington State for work, I went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and bought two apples, one for me and one for Erik. I got the apple pie caramel apple for Erik (OMG SO GOOD), and I bought the peanut caramel apple for myself. I wish we had a store near us, I would go and snag some up right now, I would really like to try the cheesecake caramel apple this time!  I guess I will just have to wait until we go apple picking to get a caramel apple.

After work, I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things for Monday night football chili

I did not use a recipe this time, just threw in a few things ( 1 lb ground beef, red bell pepper, onion, jalapeno, black beans, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce) and tons of random spices, and it turned out even better than my usual chili if you can believe it!  It might have also been that I served it over cornbread instead of white rice, but oh man it was good.

I took the easy route this time when I made the cornbread and used a Jiffy box mix, but I think when I have more time I will make the cornbread from scratch:

Sorry for the messy picture, I took this after I had mixed in my cornbread. Thank goodness for the good food day, because the Redskins really blew the football game last night.  Ella was not impressed:

I hope everyone has a great day!


Caramel apples? yay or nay?

On my mind….

Hello friends!

I am so happy today is Friday, honestly this has been a rough week for me. ¬†The weather here has been nothing to smile about, and because of the weather, my shoulder has been bothering me more and more everyday. ¬†I talked to a lawyer earlier this week, and I think that has really been stressing me out. ¬†I am not sure what I really want to do in this situation, there are pros and cons in each case (whether I get a lawyer or not)…. Ugh I just don’t know. I am not money hungry by any means and I am not greedy. ¬†My main concern is that if a few years down the road, I¬†re-injured¬†my shoulder and I have to have surgery again, will my health insurance cover my surgery, or will they say it was a preexisting condition?… Who knows…..Those are the things that concern me…

Not to mention, I am really terrified of this surgery.. well okay I shouldn’t say the surgery itself, but more the¬†anesthesia, the final outcome of the surgery, and the condition my shoulder will be in when I have completed my four month physical therapy. ¬†All things I really have no control over, and that scares me. ¬†Sorry, I probably sound like a bit baby about this whole thing, but I can’t help it, to me surgery is surgery, no matter how simple it is.

I am going to try and push all of that out of my head for the next few days and enjoy our weekend. ¬†We have quite a busy weekend ahead of us. ¬†My sister-in-law’s husband is turning 30 tomorrow, and we are having a big birthday bash for him, and our other friends Patti and Ramsey are having a housewarming party this weekend too! ¬†I will be making deviled eggs (with Greek Yogurt instead of mayo) for the housewarming party, and potato salad, and bean salad for the 30th birthday party. ¬†I have never made deviled eggs without mayo before, and if they turn out good I will share the recipe on here sometime this weekend.

Speaking of food:

I had another Chobani, granola, blueberry mess for lunch yesterday, it was officially the last of my Bear Naked Granola.  And for dinner, I made more spaghetti squash:

Not that I am getting tired of spaghetti sauce, but does anyone else know another sauce I can mix with the squash?  I want to make a mushroom cream sauce to go on top of the squash but I am apprehensive about it.  So please if you know of any good recipes, please feel free to share them with me!

Alright well that is all for today. I hope everyone has a great day, and a great weekend!