A Housewarming and Sunny’s 30th birthday Party

Hello friends!

I don’y know about all of you but I could sure use a weekend to recover from this last weekend. It all started on Friday at work… Work consisted of lots of collaboration meetings, in order to get organized for the next few weeks. The meetings were definitely worth it and I think we all have a better understand of what we need to be working on in order to piece together this software.

After work, I rushed over to Giant to pick up a few things I needed for the housewarming party and for Sunny’s birthday party.  I was planning on making deviled eggs for the housewarming party and potato and bean salad for Sunny’s birthday party.  I didn’t have time to take any pictures of the deviled eggs I made for the party, but I will tell you they were awesome.  I used Greek yogurt instead of mayo for the filling, and they were a hit.  I did had about 1 teaspoon of mayo in the mix to give it a bit more flavor, but the filling was 99% Greek yogurt.

Homeowner, Patti (the blonde) and a few of her friends

I did not take any pictures at the housewarming party (fail), even though I had specifically told Patti I would bring my camera and take pictures. It was a great night, and we ended up staying at Patti and Ramsey’s house that night because we were too exhausted to drive home.  We woke up in the morning, had some amazing coffee (thank Patti), and headed home to start food prep for Sunny’s Party. I made potato salad (one with Greek Yogurt and one with mayo) and a Weight Watchers two bean summer salad.   I personally think the potato salad with Greek yogurt turned out better than the one with mayo, it was less dense.  Erik’s mom came over around noon to help me finish up my salads before we headed over to Diana’s house to help with the party stuff.

While we were at Diana’s house, my amazingly wonderful hubby cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen… as in moved everything off the counters and scrubbed them AND the cabinets. amazing! Thank you hubby!  Our kitchen looks like it did when we first moved in.

While the ladies were cooking inside, Drew and Sunny set up the tents, tables and chairs outside.  From inside the house, it looked like there was a small wedding being set up on top of the hill, it was cute.

Slowly but surely the guests started to arrive and we starting bringing out the food.  There was A LOT of food.  This is a picture of just the appetizers.. stuffed mushrooms (artfully stuffed by yours truly), gigantic cheese ball with veggies, meatballs, and salad.

We were running around setting things up and bringing out the food, we almost didn’t have any time to sit down and eat.  I didn’t actually make myself a plate, so I took a picture of Drew’s plate:

We had chicken and veggie skewers, my (wonderful) potato salad, and burgers (not pictured).

After we finished eating, Lejia, Lauren and I went back inside to make the desserts.

Lejia had made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and Lauren made some yummy fruit parfaits that I helped her put together.

Sunny blowing out his candles 

I shared a parfait with Erik

and ate a yummy cupcake too!

Diana then presented Sunny with his present.. she had put together an awesome memory book of pictures from all of his friends.

He loved it!  It was a fantastic day with some very awesome people.. I love birthday parties.. 🙂

Yesterday we had another birthday in the family.  My cousin Farid turned 16!  We went to Rio Grande for his birthday dinner:

 mmmm enchiladas.. sorry I have yet to figure out how to take a good picture of Mexican food.  I just cannot do it, but I will keep trying.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know for a fact that Ella, Erik and I are pooped!

How was your weekend?

Long Run Day!.. and cupcakes.. duh

Hello friends!

Sorry this post is a bit late but I have been super busy! Let’s start off with my run, it FINALLY stopped raining so I was able to do my long run outside today.  Three miles! Yes I ran the ENTIRE thing 🙂 yup three miles in 29 minutes, I am really happy about it.  AND I looked super awesome afterwards:

Please do not be jealous, I know I look good.  It was really hot and humid out there, I think my face was red for about an hour after my run, HA. Later on in the evening, after I finished up some work, my friend Lejia came over and we baked:

really we made a LOT of cupcakes, haha.

Lejia wanted to make strawberry cupcakes, and I wanted to make these really yummy looking raspberry cheesecake ones, so we decided to make both.. bad idea, now we have about 65 cupcakes.

notice the grapes, just because you are making dessert doesn’t mean you can’t snack healthy.. haha.

The icing on the strawberry cupcakes did not turn out as we had anticipated

it was a bit runny.

But it was still very good. Next time we make these, or really any other cupcakes, we are going to try and make a healthier version with less butter and sugar.

Lejia had to leave before we started making the cheesecake ones, so I was on my own for those. They were a bit more involved than I thought they were going to be.

But let me tell you… oh man they were worth the effort.
I may or may not have ruined one of them… you had to cook them in a roasting dish with water on the bottom and I may have gotten water in one of the cups:
he looked sad, and I had to throw it away, but the rest of them turned out amazing
I was really excited I got to swirl a few designs into the cheesecakes
After all the cupcakes were finished, we went over to my mom’s house to have dinner and say goodbye to my aunt who was leaving to back to Iran (sad). It’s ok she will be back in March… or sooner. hehe.
We hung out at my mom’s for a few hours, then met up with a few friends for a few drinks and bowling (we really love to bowl haha). I had the best game of my life… 168! haha it must have been all those cupcakes!
alright well that is all for this update! I hope everyone has a good weekend!