I love lists!

Really I do, which is why I didn’t have a chance to blog all weekend.

Please excuse the Christmas themed notepad, they were on sale at AC Moore last year and I went a little crazy.  We had a LOT to do this weekend.  And to top it off Erik had two football games and two softball games.  But more on that later.

Friday night we went over to Hyojon’s house for a turkey fry and outdoor movie :).  I told him I would make some potato salad and a bean salad.  I used this recipe, for my potato salad, but instead of TWO CUPS of mayo I used two cups of Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt!  Oh man it was so good.  I also only had russet potatoes which I think made the texture of the salad a bit mealy, but other than that it was amazing.  When I make it again for Sunny’s birthday party I will use red skinned potatoes.

For the bean salad I used this recipe, and it was also amazing.  Our friend Sarah made the most amazing Thai pasta salad (I am pretty sure it was Thai), oh man so good!  I hate that I didn’t take any pictures of the wonderful spread of food we had, I blame it on the deep fried turkey (food coma).  It was a great night with some pretty amazing friends.

Saturday morning we got up and started tackling our list.  We headed over to Costco for our monthly run.  We obviously bought more than what was on our list, but that always happens when we go to Costco.  By the time we got back, Erik had to rush out the door to his football game.  Sadly, I can not participate in either football or softball this season, which really hit me hard at the softball game last night… arg….

While he was gone, I managed to knock off most of the items on my list and helped out a bit with Erik’s list by mowing the back yard.  Even with a self propelled lawn mower, it is quite difficult to mow the lawn with one fully functional arm.  But I did it and I am so glad I did, because Erik was very grateful when he got back from his game!  The rest of our day was spent watching UVA/UNC and VT/ASU games.  Unfortunately UVA lost their game, but at least one of our teams one 🙂 GO HOKIES!

Sunday morning we woke up and both had a major craving for waffles! They were fantastic as usual.  Erik was supposed to have another football game in the morning but had hurt his back at Saturday’s football game, and he decided it was better if he sat this one out.  Insert more list tackling here…..

For the remainder of the day we headed down to Haymarket to help Hyojon’s dad move stuff out of his storage unit.  Three light boxes into the move, and I was done.  Worthless…

Our efforts were greatly rewarded with a fabulous Mexican Linner (lunch/dinner in case you missed that).  I got the California Burrito which was in fact the size of a newborn.  I could only manage to eat half, sorry again no pictures.  We headed home with our bellies stuffed, and decided that we were going to clean the inside of our cars before watching the recorded Redskins game.  I vacuumed and Erik detailed the inside of both of our cars.  Then I finished putting out the rest of my fall decorations:

Between these and my wreath and mums I think fall is definitely in full swing around our neck of the woods.

The skins game was awesome to watch, and we WON! HAIL!!!!

As I mentioned before, Erik had two softball games last night.  We could only stay for one of them because the games started so late, but I really had a hard time watching knowing I wouldn’t be able to play this year…I will just leave it at that, I think you know how frustrated I have been lately.

I woke up this morning determined to make this a good week! So hopefully I will get the call from my doctor’s office soon to schedule my surgery and move on with my life!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!


What did you do this weekend?

Lists? love em or hate em?

Tea for Two, yes please!

Hello friends!

Guess what I had for lunch again today:

Yup I can’t get enough.  Which is why I am so very sad that this was my last Chobani for the week.  I will be stocking up at Costco this weekend, don’t you worry.  I was waiting around again all day for a phone call to schedule my surgery, when I decided to finally email the scheduling lady.  She told me they were very behind and that she would give me a call no later than Monday to schedule it.  Oh well, at least I know they aren’t just ignoring me.  Good right?

I got home from work and had NO idea what I wanted to make for dinner.  I have been trying to hold out until Monday to go the grocery store, because I know we will be running around all weekend so I won’t have much time to cook.  After opening and closing the fridge 100 times to see if anything new magically materializes (does anyone else do this?), I finally decided on chicken stir fry.

I added two eggs for a little more added protein and served it over some Brown Rice noodles, and it was so good.  I had bought these organic brown rice noodles from Giant a while back and was scared to try them:


They were actually really good for the flavor and texture I was going for in my stir fry. I will most likely use them again for future stir fry related entrees.

This was the rest of my plan for last night

and that is just what I did.
and boy was it good!  Only one problem, our tea kettle smells funny, so instead of using that to boil the water I had to heat up the water in the microwave.  The water wasn’t as hot as it would have been out of a tea kettle so our tea was a bit weaker than normal:
But it was still a nice way to end a looong day. Hope everyone else (except Bethany) is enjoying the fall weather :)!
YAY it’s Friday! Any big plans for the weekend?– we are going to our friends house for a turkey fry and an outdoor movie! Then lots of chores and football!

Fall is here!

Hello friends!

Yesterday I took Ella for a nice 2 mile walk after work:

I think she enjoyed herself quite a bit (she better have she was standing at the door crying for 20 minutes before I gave in and took her out).  I realized something on our walk, it’s the middle of September already, aka FALL IS HERE!

This was quite evident when I saw all these leaves on the ground! I think this tree was just being lazy and wanted to shed its leaves early.   I personally think it’s too early for the leaves to be falling off of the trees, but hey what do I know.

Another thing our walk made me realize is that I still have my spring/summer wreath on our door.. bye bye summer:

Hello Hokie colored mums

and fall wreaths

Two nights ago Erik said, “YES it’s almost tea season!”  And believe me when I tell you this family LOVES tea.  Unlike Diana and Bob (the nickname we have for my mother-in-law, don’t ask that is just what it is.. haha),  Erik and I haven’t gotten to the point where we drink tea all year round, but don’t worry we will get there soon enough. And I can’t wait until “tea season”….

Erik had to work late last night, so Lejia and I headed to the gym to get a little weight lifting workout in.  Because of my shoulder (annoying I know), I can’t do much weightlifting, but I made do with what I could do.   We are following Jillian Michael’s “Making the Cut”, workout program

There are things in there (like push-ups) that I cannot do, but I think some of the arm workouts are good for strengthening my shoulder (not that it matters anymore).  I am hoping by strengthening my shoulder muscles, I will recover faster from my surgery. After our workout, I headed home to make dinner.  I used the meat from Tuesday’s Fajitas for our main dish and some Trader Joe’s mushroom Risotto as our side:

This was just ok, it wasn’t bad but I prefer the other mushroom risotto I got from Trader Joe’s which came in a little box. But all in all it was a satisfying dinner, and quick too.  It took me about 10 minutes to whip this together:

After dinner we watched “What happens in Vegas”, hilarious movie, and super cute too.

Alright well that is all for today.  I am still waiting for my doctor’s office to call me back to schedule my surgery (I hate waiting).

Have a great day!


Do you like tea? What is your favorite flavor?– duh I love tea, my favorite is Teavana’s Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green tea