A Housewarming and Sunny’s 30th birthday Party

Hello friends!

I don’y know about all of you but I could sure use a weekend to recover from this last weekend. It all started on Friday at work… Work consisted of lots of collaboration meetings, in order to get organized for the next few weeks. The meetings were definitely worth it and I think we all have a better understand of what we need to be working on in order to piece together this software.

After work, I rushed over to Giant to pick up a few things I needed for the housewarming party and for Sunny’s birthday party.  I was planning on making deviled eggs for the housewarming party and potato and bean salad for Sunny’s birthday party.  I didn’t have time to take any pictures of the deviled eggs I made for the party, but I will tell you they were awesome.  I used Greek yogurt instead of mayo for the filling, and they were a hit.  I did had about 1 teaspoon of mayo in the mix to give it a bit more flavor, but the filling was 99% Greek yogurt.

Homeowner, Patti (the blonde) and a few of her friends

I did not take any pictures at the housewarming party (fail), even though I had specifically told Patti I would bring my camera and take pictures. It was a great night, and we ended up staying at Patti and Ramsey’s house that night because we were too exhausted to drive home.  We woke up in the morning, had some amazing coffee (thank Patti), and headed home to start food prep for Sunny’s Party. I made potato salad (one with Greek Yogurt and one with mayo) and a Weight Watchers two bean summer salad.   I personally think the potato salad with Greek yogurt turned out better than the one with mayo, it was less dense.  Erik’s mom came over around noon to help me finish up my salads before we headed over to Diana’s house to help with the party stuff.

While we were at Diana’s house, my amazingly wonderful hubby cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen… as in moved everything off the counters and scrubbed them AND the cabinets. amazing! Thank you hubby!  Our kitchen looks like it did when we first moved in.

While the ladies were cooking inside, Drew and Sunny set up the tents, tables and chairs outside.  From inside the house, it looked like there was a small wedding being set up on top of the hill, it was cute.

Slowly but surely the guests started to arrive and we starting bringing out the food.  There was A LOT of food.  This is a picture of just the appetizers.. stuffed mushrooms (artfully stuffed by yours truly), gigantic cheese ball with veggies, meatballs, and salad.

We were running around setting things up and bringing out the food, we almost didn’t have any time to sit down and eat.  I didn’t actually make myself a plate, so I took a picture of Drew’s plate:

We had chicken and veggie skewers, my (wonderful) potato salad, and burgers (not pictured).

After we finished eating, Lejia, Lauren and I went back inside to make the desserts.

Lejia had made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and Lauren made some yummy fruit parfaits that I helped her put together.

Sunny blowing out his candles 

I shared a parfait with Erik

and ate a yummy cupcake too!

Diana then presented Sunny with his present.. she had put together an awesome memory book of pictures from all of his friends.

He loved it!  It was a fantastic day with some very awesome people.. I love birthday parties.. 🙂

Yesterday we had another birthday in the family.  My cousin Farid turned 16!  We went to Rio Grande for his birthday dinner:

 mmmm enchiladas.. sorry I have yet to figure out how to take a good picture of Mexican food.  I just cannot do it, but I will keep trying.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know for a fact that Ella, Erik and I are pooped!

How was your weekend?


Hello friends!

I am still waiting for a call to schedule my shoulder surgery, and I am hoping that will happen later today!  Our friends are getting married on October 1, so I am going to try and schedule my surgery for the following Tuesday Oct. 4.. eeek.  Let’s hope it all works out.  I really can’t wait to put this whole accident behind me.  I did manage to get up yesterday morning and Elliptical for 3 miles before heading to work, but failed to get my lazy butt out of bed this morning.  I will try and go to the gym this afternoon with Erik!

Yesterday I had a pretty good food day… if you remember I recently discovered Bear Naked granola, well for lunch yesterday I mixed my Banana Nut granola in with this bad boy:

It.Was.Amazing!  So good that I am doing it again today, same flavor.  Tomorrow I will mix it up with the Mango Chobani. Yum.

For dinner last night Lejia and Hyojon came over and we made Homemade Tortilla chips from leftover corn tortillas:

it took me a few batches to get the timing right, but they turned out pretty good, sure beats driving to the store for a bag of fatty chips.  The problem is, I couldn’t stop eating them.  When the boys got home, we threw the steak and chicken on the grill and sauteed the veggies, for Fajitas!

The meat was cooked perfectly (thank you to my hubby), and Lejia made told me cook the veggies in butter so obviously those were amazing.  After dinner we sat around reminiscing the summer we turned 21 and all the shenanigans we got into that summer.  It was really funny to look back on days when we had no responsibilities bills… those were the good days! haha

Well that is all for me today! I hope everyone has a great day!


What do you like to put on your fajitas?– obviously I love avocados

Yes I did it!

I had mentioned yesterday that after my 1 mile run I felt that I could have kept going, and today I did! I ran 2 miles today on the treadmill, even after I did 2.5 miles on the elliptical! I still felt like I could keep going on the treadmill but again I ran out of time at the gym.
Should I keep running until I am totally maxed out each day, or should I increase 1 mile each week?
Like I said I have never been a runner, so I don’t really know what these signals from my body mean.  I don’t want to burn myself out, but I also want to continue making progress.
Breakfast today was the same as yesterday, English muffin, cream cheese, strawberry jelly.  I was going to mix some of my cereals together but I was running late so I just popped the muffin in the toaster oven while I got ready for work. 
For lunch I also had the same thing I had yesterday, Turkey sandwich, butttt I had lunch outside with my mommy! Really it’s the little things in life that put a smile on my face!
I was having a not to stellar morning, reasons too frustrating to explain, but after having lunch with my mom the entire day turned around. 

I was totally super wife today after work.  I got home and got my couponing stuff together while I waited for Lauren to come over to go couponing.  She wanted to get some hair dye and I told her not to pay for it because I could get it for cheap, possibly even free.  After I got my couponing stuff together, I threw in a load of laundry, and Lauren and I headed to Rite Aid. 

Pretty good deals at Rite Aid this week, not fabulous but pretty good. (free toothpaste, free Cortaid Itch spray)
Hopefully I will get to hit up CVS either tomorrow or Friday. So back to Super Wife, when we got back I asked Lauren to peel the potatoes for dinner, while I mowed the lawn.  We have been so busy on the weekends our lawn was getting a bit out of control:
Then I proceeded to mow the lawn, but not before I threw the clothes into the dryer and started a new load and one hour later our lawn was back to normal:
And Ella was happy to have her yard back.  I decided to reward my hard work:

Dinner tonight was beer Brats, Potatoes, and veggies. YUM.
I let the pro do the grilling:
And waited until it was my turn to do what I do best:
Eating *happy face*
Alright folks that is all for tonight! I hope everyone had a great day!