I love lists!

Really I do, which is why I didn’t have a chance to blog all weekend.

Please excuse the Christmas themed notepad, they were on sale at AC Moore last year and I went a little crazy.  We had a LOT to do this weekend.  And to top it off Erik had two football games and two softball games.  But more on that later.

Friday night we went over to Hyojon’s house for a turkey fry and outdoor movie :).  I told him I would make some potato salad and a bean salad.  I used this recipe, for my potato salad, but instead of TWO CUPS of mayo I used two cups of Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt!  Oh man it was so good.  I also only had russet potatoes which I think made the texture of the salad a bit mealy, but other than that it was amazing.  When I make it again for Sunny’s birthday party I will use red skinned potatoes.

For the bean salad I used this recipe, and it was also amazing.  Our friend Sarah made the most amazing Thai pasta salad (I am pretty sure it was Thai), oh man so good!  I hate that I didn’t take any pictures of the wonderful spread of food we had, I blame it on the deep fried turkey (food coma).  It was a great night with some pretty amazing friends.

Saturday morning we got up and started tackling our list.  We headed over to Costco for our monthly run.  We obviously bought more than what was on our list, but that always happens when we go to Costco.  By the time we got back, Erik had to rush out the door to his football game.  Sadly, I can not participate in either football or softball this season, which really hit me hard at the softball game last night… arg….

While he was gone, I managed to knock off most of the items on my list and helped out a bit with Erik’s list by mowing the back yard.  Even with a self propelled lawn mower, it is quite difficult to mow the lawn with one fully functional arm.  But I did it and I am so glad I did, because Erik was very grateful when he got back from his game!  The rest of our day was spent watching UVA/UNC and VT/ASU games.  Unfortunately UVA lost their game, but at least one of our teams one 🙂 GO HOKIES!

Sunday morning we woke up and both had a major craving for waffles! They were fantastic as usual.  Erik was supposed to have another football game in the morning but had hurt his back at Saturday’s football game, and he decided it was better if he sat this one out.  Insert more list tackling here…..

For the remainder of the day we headed down to Haymarket to help Hyojon’s dad move stuff out of his storage unit.  Three light boxes into the move, and I was done.  Worthless…

Our efforts were greatly rewarded with a fabulous Mexican Linner (lunch/dinner in case you missed that).  I got the California Burrito which was in fact the size of a newborn.  I could only manage to eat half, sorry again no pictures.  We headed home with our bellies stuffed, and decided that we were going to clean the inside of our cars before watching the recorded Redskins game.  I vacuumed and Erik detailed the inside of both of our cars.  Then I finished putting out the rest of my fall decorations:

Between these and my wreath and mums I think fall is definitely in full swing around our neck of the woods.

The skins game was awesome to watch, and we WON! HAIL!!!!

As I mentioned before, Erik had two softball games last night.  We could only stay for one of them because the games started so late, but I really had a hard time watching knowing I wouldn’t be able to play this year…I will just leave it at that, I think you know how frustrated I have been lately.

I woke up this morning determined to make this a good week! So hopefully I will get the call from my doctor’s office soon to schedule my surgery and move on with my life!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!


What did you do this weekend?

Lists? love em or hate em?

Weekend round-up

Hello blog friends!  It has been a really busy weekend, hence my lack of blogging, and picture taking. 
Erik had to work from 9-3pm on Saturday, so we didn’t get to have our usual yummy waffle breakfast *sad face*, but we made some eggs and I made a egg and cheese wrap? (we were out of English Muffins)
It was actually quite delish, I will be making that again.  So, yes as I said Erik had to work on Saturday so after he left I decided to mow the front and back yard so that when he got home we wouldn’t be stuck at home doing chores! My mom and sister came over just as I was wrapping up, and we headed out to Performance Bike in order to get my sister her very first bike.  She has always had hand-me-down bikes from me so this was her first bike. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of it, but I am sure you will see it on here sometime in the near future. We ran a few more errands, and I did some major couponing (I hadn’t gone in 2 weeks) before heading home and doing some laundry. I would call that a very productive morning.
After Erik got home from work we basically hung around, watched tv and played with Ella until it was time for us to go out with our softball team for our end of the year party.  We went to the Viet Bistro, in Falls church.  The food was pretty good, but we sat outside and they had this weird misting system from their ceiling outside which made it much more humid than it would have been without it.  We had a great time (lots of laughing and way too much food)!  My friend Leah took a lot of pictures that night and I am waiting for her to post them on facebook so I can steal them and call them my own on here! Haha.
After dinner we headed to Arlington to Eleventh street lounge for some drinks and a lot of dancing! What a great night!
Sunday we had totally intended on sleeping in, but I had forgotten that I told my sister to come over to our house at 9am so we could go for a bike ride. We are so glad she did because we had a great ride.  We rode for about 2 ½ hours and went about 10-12 miles.  I think it was a bit further than that, because we were in the woods at Wakefield and you can’t really map the entire route out accurately.  I need to take my bike into the shop so that they can fix the (I don’t even know what to call it) mileage tracker thingy we put on it.  Ha
After our bike ride, we were pooped, well I think just Ava and I were pooped, haha.  We headed over to my mom’s house so my sister could get ready for dinner, and Erik, Lauren and I went to Fair Oaks Mall and Costco.  Erik bought new sunglasses (now he won’t take them off), and Lauren got a dress and new sandals. At Costco, we spent too much, as usual, and got some yummy things before heading back to pick up my sister. 

We then headed over to Erik’s parent’s house for a birthday dinner! It was my father-in-law’s birthday!  We had some super delish pulled pork sandwiches, and potato salad, along with a cake Anya brought over from The Swiss Bakery. It was a great ending to a fabulous weekend!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sad that Softball is over

Boo tonight we had our last softball games.  We lost both of them to a team who was tied for first place.  We ended the season in third place I believe.  I ended up pitching the last game and it was so much fun.  Having been a fast pitch pitcher for 12 years, ok maybe 10 I didn’t start pitching right away, it took a lot of restraint on my part not to wiz the ball into the catcher at 65 mph! ahhh I miss those days.

Today I decided to mix a few of my cereals together like Colleen does every morning, and let me tell it was a great idea. I can see why she likes cereal so much.  Today I mixed together some honey nut cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, and Fiber One nutty clusters. Yum! I think I will be doing that again tomorrow.
 When I got to work my coworker Lee yelled at me from his car to come help him take a few things into the office.  I was a TOTAL bag lady today; I had 4 or 5 grocery bags, my backpack, purse and my lunch bag. Really?! Haha. It was awesome, and I am glad I helped because then I felt like I earned my bagel.  Yes I had another breakfast, I love bagels!
For lunch, yes I was hungry again at 1; I made myself a taco salad from the leftovers of our Taco Thursday night.
I used the refried beans as a “dressing” so it was just ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, a bit of cheese and refried beans (fat free).  Later on in the afternoon I had these puppies:
They weren’t as good as the regular tastykakes, because they were sugar free but they were still good.

I did not feel like going to the gym this morning so when Erik got home the three of us (Ella makes 3) went out for a run.  Luckily Erik ran with Ella today, so I ran a bit further than I did last time.  I am pretty sure I made it to the 2 mile mark, but I did have to stop for like .2 seconds because I had a massive cramp. Forgive this picture because I think I look horrible in it but this was us post run:
And of course I am pretty sure Ella really enjoyed herself:
She was super pooped. 

I decided to reward her slash cool her off with one of her ice cream treats:
Which she ate, but then 3.5 seconds later proceeded to throw it up. Ewie.  Lesson learned, do not give your dog treats after a run, ok got it.

For dinner we had some super yummy baked spaghetti.
I made this before we went on our run, and let it simmer while we were gone. Baked spaghetti is so good; the only problem is that while it infuses the noodles with the delicious sauce, it also absorbs it so it tends to be a bit on the drier side.  We remedy that by putting some more spaghetti sauce on the pasta before we eat it. Yum yum yum!
Alright folks, that is all for me today! I hope everyone had a great Monday!

I live for the weekend!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, I know I am.  I rarely have time to blog on the weekends, because we try and pack as much fun as we can in just two days.  I hope everyone checked out my About Me page I put up on Friday!


After sleeping in Saturday morning we headed over to my mom’s house around 9.  We had breakfast then we headed out to the Farmers Market in Fairfax.  I didn’t take a picture of the market because I had Ella with me and let’s just say there were a lot of new smells she was interested in.  She kept me pretty busy.  It was a cute little farmers market; nowhere near the size of the one in Eastern Market, but the food was just as delish.  I ended up getting a few tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers, and a cantaloupe:

After we got back from the Market it was time for us to make our way to our last football game.  Unfortunately when we got there, we realized that the other team was not going to show up, bummer.  We ended up scrimmaging ourselves for about 30 minutes, before we headed over to Front Page for lunch and drinks.  I had a Heidenburger, which in hindsight was way too heavy for me.  Needless to say I did not feel well after lunch. I really need to rethink my food choices, most of the time my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

Erik and I went to Dick’s sporting goods and Old Navy after lunch.  He got some new football/softball cleats at Dick’s, and I got 2 pairs of shorts and a black skirt at Old Navy.  I really want to go through my clothes and donate them, but I always find reasons to keep the clothes I have.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Later in the evening we headed over to Top Golf to celebrate our friend Kevin’s birthday.  I have never seen that place soooo packed.  We had to put our name on a waiting list for a bay, and they had told us that the wait time was an hour and 45 min?! We decided to wait and it really wasn’t that long of a wait.  But it was long enough for us to watch Mexico score on the US twice, barf.  We had a great time, and if you have never tried Top Golf I recommend it.  The golf balls have microchips in them, and the point is to hit the ball into the “holes” to get the most points.  Check out their website for a more detailed description.  Erik won both games, but I gave him a run for his money in the second one for about 2 seconds. Haha.


I cut this bad boy up for breakfast Sunday morning:

And we ate it with a delish egg sandwich:

Yum yum yum.  After breakfast Erik really wanted to go for a bike ride and I am so glad he did because it was such a wonderful day to go riding.  We headed out for an hour and a half through the trails of Wakefield and Lake Accotink. Being in the woods was so peaceful this morning; it really was a fabulous way to start off the day.  When we got back Erik was cleaning off the bikes:

And picked me some beautiful hydrangeas from our garden. I put them in a vase and put it on our dining room table:

Shortly after we got back we geared up and headed over to my mom’s house to go to the pool:

There was little humidity today so it was really easy to sit on the pool deck and read. When the guys were in the pool playing with the Toypedo:

(do you remember these things?) Diana and I were yaking up a storm.  She randomly picks up a white twisty tie (and doesn’t realize she picked it up..don’t ask)

Later she turns to me and says, “hey where did this thing come from?” to which I replied, “you just picked it up off the ground and started playing with it.” Haha, she said she didn’t remember picking it up off the ground, haha. It was funny, but I think you had to be there to fully appreciate it.  We got back home and had just enough time for Erik to mow the front yard while I vacuumed before we had to head over to Wakefield for our second to last set of softball games.  We won the first game but lost the second pretty terribly.  There was a really tall guy on their team who hit a homerun at least 50 yards OVER the fence every time he got up to bat.  Redic.  I am sad to see the season end, but we had a lot of fun!

Alright folks, sorry that was such a long post. Have a great night and I will see you guys tomorrow!

Softball saves the sports weekend!

Hello blog friends! We had two softball games today, and we won both of them!! Erik had some sweet hits and ran around the bases like a gazelle! My sister even got a hit! I also got to hit, our friend Kave wrapped my hand up so that I could hit, it still probably wasn’t a good idea but I wanted/needed to play so I sucked it up.  I will probably pay for it tomorrow, but hey I love softball.
I got some sweet deals at Rite Aid today!  I got some John Frieda Root awakening stuff that I gave to my mom, and made $5 off of it, aka it was $5 and I used a $5 off coupon and at the end of the month I will get a $5 single check rebate from Rite Aid! Woot!  I also got some Blink Eye drops for free, same deal with the single check rebate, and 3 4-packs of high protein Ensure (Erik likes to drink those instead of yucky protein shakes) for $3.99 each. It was a pretty sweet deal considering they are originally $10 each 4-pack! I will hit up CVS sometime later this week, just to get some cheapo body wash again. There weren’t that many great deals this week, in my opinion, but I might have to look over them again just to make sure.
Before softball Erik and I went to the gym! I was watching the NCAA softball world series while I was on the elliptical for 3.31 miles, and on the treadmill for a mile. Not too shabby.  I did a few abs then we headed to Giant to get some shopping done for the week. We have some pretty yummy meals planned for this week; Erik helped me plan our meals this week.  I think that is going to turn into a regular thing, because he really picks some yummy things.
Dinner tonight was a Hodgepodge of things.  Erik had a Trader Joe’s Chicken Chow Mein, my sister (who came over to hang out and play softball with us) had chicken nuggets, and I had a Mango Chobani with some granola! This was my first Chobani in weeks, and it was oh so good!
Alright folks I am off to bed! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sports filled Sunday

This morning I went to Ride Aid and bought a Sunday edition of the Washington Post.  After talking endlessly with my friend Kirstie, I am going to take some lessons in couponing.  Just looking through the coupon inserts of the Washington Post, made me realize that I have really been throwing money away.  There are coupons in there for virtually everything I buy, its unbelievable. With Kirstie and the help of this blog called Hip2Save.com, I will be starting my money saving.  I am pretty excited because I love saving money, and I consider finding deals a bit of a hobby. This is my coupon baggie, until I make it over to target to get a coupon organizer.

I ordered the Sunday Edition of the Washington post for home delivery, although in order to get some of the deals you need 3 or 4 copies of the post, we will see what happens.  After my coupon clipping it was already time for lunch, and this is the masterpiece I created:

I personally think it looks like a Panini from Corner Bakery or Panera, but nope I made it myself, and it was in fact even more delicious than it looked. Turkey, fresh mozzarella cheese, spinach, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes on Panini bread from Trader Joe’s. YUM

After lunch and much confusion we went to our last football practice before the season opener next week.  We played a little 4 on 4, and it was a really good practice, despite the number of people.  After practice, Erik and I made a trip to Home depot and bought mulch and flowers!

While we were getting ready to drop the van off at Erik’s parents house, Erik lost his wedding ring! He was going to close the van door and it flung off! I told him to go drop off the car and I would stay back and look for it.  I raked the front yard for about an hour and I couldn’t find it, we were both so upset, but as I was walking to put the rake back I spotted it!!! I guess my raking really did work! WHEW!  We had our usual Chicken Nugget Tortellini for dinner, then headed off to our softball games!  We won both games 11-4 and 14-11, I love softball!!!!!!!!!

Well I am off to bed!