9 Weeks Old!

Hello friends!

Oh my nine weeks old…

IMG_0245Look at those chunky little legs!  This onesie is 6-9 month onesie.. haha I figured hey I need these white onesies to last for months so I might as well get bigger ones.  Surprisingly he fits into them really well.

He is getting more and more expressive everyday!


I seriously cannot accurately put into words how much I love this little boy. We try and do tummy time every afternoon after daycare and he usually ends up looking like this..

IMG_0276Licking the blanket.. I’m pretty sure that isn’t what tummy time is all about. He really wants to push off with his knees when he is on his tummy.

IMG_0278Then ends up getting frustrated because he can’t and isn’t going anywhere, so he cries and we end tummy time.  This week Liam had his first cold and first fever, we took him to the doctor twice. You can read about it here.  He is feeling a little better everyday. The doctor had said colds typically last 10 days so we are on day six.. four more days of stuffy noses.

IMG_20130330_094327My aunt and uncle from Iran are here visiting 🙂 and they looooooooooove our little Liam

IMG_0289He is forever surrounded by a bunch of big heads and he loves it.
IMG_0290 IMG_0291Aunt Sue and Uncle Kevin also came to visit Liam this week, but we were terrible and forgot to take pictures.. bad mommy. As I mentioned last week, he has his two month check up this afternoon.  I was going to wait and post this after the appointment but obviously I decided against that. I will share his stats tomorrow. 20130402_184556

Liam is also very loud. haha. He definitely got that from me, but I also think it’s because he is at daycare and all the little kids are so loud he wants to be just like them.  Sleeping is going really well. He usually goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until around 2.  I change him, feed him and put him back down until around 5 when he gets up and is hungry and ready to be changed into his daytime clothes.

He is in full 3 month clothes now, and I wonder if I should start looking into his 3-6 month outfits to see what fits him.   The outfits are getting cuter and cuter, now that I can finally put him in a onesie and pants.  He got his first sweatsuit from my mom’s best friend.

Snapchat-9160He is the best!

I hope everyone has a great day!



Afternoon Smiles

Hello friends!

Liam and I are feeling much better today.. well Liam is feeling a lot better than I am but I do believe my cold is slowly starting to go away. Erik’s aunt and uncle came by for a visit last night.. They were in Florida with my mother and father in law for two weeks and are on their way back up to Chicago.  They wanted to stop by and meet Liam 🙂  Of course I didn’t take any picture of them holding Liam, but I did get some cute smiles from him yesterday afternoon.  We can’t wait to go to the lake this summer to play with all the babies and to see Aunt Sue and Uncle Kevin again.

20130401_175257 20130401_175522 20130401_175333 20130401_175313


Gosh I love him so much 🙂 In other news…Liam has his two month check up tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what his 2 month stats are 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day 🙂


Liam’s First Cold

Hello friends!

Sorry I didn’t post on Friday.. Liam was sick and I stayed home with him so I could take him to the doctor 😦  He sure didn’t seem too sick, but I noticed he had a stuffy nose and he had some goop coming out of his eye when he first woke up.

20130329_101110At first I was just going  to stay home with him and call the doctor to see if I should be giving him something.  But when I told them he had goop coming out of his eye they said to bring him in because he might have an infection.  Of course when they said infection I immediately thought oh no he has a terrible infection and he is going to have to go to the hospital.. Obviously the nurse on the phone had meant pink eye… So off to the doctor we went.

20130330_105338Erik asked me if I wanted him to come with us.. and obviously I did, sooo he left work and came 🙂  While at thedoctor Liam was his usual smiley happy self.  The doctor checked him out and said that his lungs, ears and throat where all clear and that he just had a little cold.  The eye goop was most likely from a blocked tear duct because he was so congested… it happens to me a lot so it’s not surprising that it happened to him.

After the appointment, I took him over to my momma’s house to hang out with my grandma and sister.. He slept most of the time.  My sister wanted me to go prom dress shopping with her, and because Liam was in good spirits we went.  Liam had his first trip to the mall 🙂  He was so alert the whole time, looking around at all the lights.




We got home and hung out with Erik’s family for a bit before I tired to put him down to sleep for the night.. He was not happy. Every time I would put him down in his crib he was cry 😦 So Erik and I took shifts holding him while he slept.  I took the first shift, he slept from 11pm to 2 am then woke up screaming bloody murder!  I was terrified.. Poor little guy was really hot and had a fever. We took his temporal temperature and it registered between 99 and 100, so we decided to take a rectal temperature. He didn’t like that one bit…. It was 100.8.. we got nervous and called the pediatrician.  Luckily they always have an on call doctor.. It took them about an hour to get back to us but in that time we took another rectal temp and it had gone down to 100.4.  I looked it up and found that rectal temperatures can range from 97-100.3.  We told the on call doctor and she said that because I had taken him into the office earlier that day and he was still eating, we could make an appointment in the morning to take him in.

Again we love our pediatrician’s office, they have Saturday office hours.  To all the moms to be, make sure your pediatrician has an on call doctor and Saturday office hours :).

IMG_20130330_094327The doctor looked at him again, he had a slight temperature of 99.9, but his lungs, ears and throat were all clear so she said just to keep sucking boogers out of his nose, and giving him lots of love.  PS if you do not have the Nose Frida, you need it.. (the links are my own amazon Affiliates links, help a sister out 🙂 )



Via Amazon

Sounds really nasty but it is total fine, you can’t even suck hard enough for anything to come remotely close to the filter.. or well at least I can’t.   Anyway, so we bought that and some saline sucked out his boogies and he has been his smiley self since.20130331_15443020130331_160030Do you love his new sweat suit? My mom’s best friend got it for him from baby gap. 20130331_154437 20130331_154827He is the best. Saturday afternoon we went over to Sundeep and Nalini’s house for a little cocktail party.. Liam was watching all the people drinking and having fun.. he was cute. It was so loud and he loved it.. he was trying to talk over everyone, it was adorable.

20130330_195748The rest of our weekend was spent doing a lot of this…

IMG_20130331_163741 20130331_162913He is feeling much better, still a little stuffy, but no fever.  Of course now I have a cold and I am trying to fight it without getting Liam sick again!

I hope everyone has a great day!



Best Friend Playdate #2

Hello friends!

Liam has had two best friend playdates in a week!  He is loving life.  Michael came over to play last night.

IMG_0206You can blame my sister for pulling Liam’s pants up so high.. Rose says he looks like a little old man.
IMG_0210They were so cute together. Michael is very serious about having his picture taken 🙂  They are so stinkin cute.  IMG_0215We are so grateful to have such wonderful mommy and baby friends, watching all these little guys grow up together is going to be so wonderful.  You remember what they looked like last month when we got them together..

Liam!!!!1It’s awesome to see how much they have grown since last month!  We are hoping take this picture every month so we can see how much they have changed in a year! I love them so much!  Erin don’t you want to move up here so you can be with all this adorableness all the time?!!  We sure would love it!


I hope everyone has a great day! TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! And my aunt and uncle are here from Iran! YESSSSSS.. I cannot wait for them to meet Liam.


2 months!!

Hello friends!

Seriously Liam is already two months old.. 8 whole weeks… It seems impossible.. but here we are at 8 weeks…

8 weeksHe is seriously the best baby on the planet.


We haven’t gone in for his 2 month check up yet, that’s next week, so I don’t have official stats yet, but I will put them up as soon as I get them.  We did weigh him at home and we think he weighs around 12 lbs and is 22 inches long.  I think he is going through another growth spurt because he has been eating a ton lately.  They say babies need 2.5 oz per lb of body weight.. so if he weighs 12 lbs he needs at least 30 oz a day!

20130325_082113I am pumping between 15-17 oz a day, I hope he is getting at least 15 oz from me the rest of the day.  I’m sure he is, he doesn’t seem like he is going hungry 🙂20130327_063208

He is really getting big now.  My in-laws have been in Florida and won’t be back until next week and I think when they get back he will look like a totally different baby to them.  He is so much more expressive than he was a few weeks ago.

20130326_080716Side note I think I need a new phone, the camera on my phone suuucks…..

We have been really back with fitting tummy time in.. I am hoping that the daycare lady is doing some tummy time with him.  He does have impeccable control of his head so I’m not too worried, but we should try and fit in at least one tummy time session in a day…  It’s harder now because when he gets home from daycare we just want to hang out with him and see his adorable smile.. that and he is tired so I feel like tummy time would be hard.20130327_063154He is also a very good sleeper.  I’ve mentioned it before, but we are truly blessed with such a great baby.  He goes to bed between 7:30 and 9.. It depends on if we are giving him a bath or not.  The past two nights he has been going to bed at 9 pm on the dot and sleeps until about 4:30 am.  I would really love it if he would go to sleep at 7:30 and wake up at 2:30 or 3 am so he could eat again at 6 am before I take him to daycare. Meh can’t win em all, and I really can’t complain.


This past week as you saw, Caden came over for a visit and here is the video as promised. WordPress won’t let me upload the video so you will just have to go through the link to watch it.. It is fairly long, so I won’t be upset if you don’t watch the whole thing.

Liam and Caden

He loves to dance, which is no surprise because if you remember back to when I was pregnant I told you that he would be the most active when we were watching The Voice on tv.  All the books I have read have mentioned that babies in the womb will have the same temperament when they are born, and it is so evident.  Check out his dance moves… and please excuse my baby voice 🙂

Liam Dancing

Two Month stats (@ 9 weeks)

  • Weight = 12 lbs 9 oz – 75th precentile
  • Height = 23 1/4 in – 65th percentile
  • Head circumference = 16 in. – 65th percentile
  • Number of shots = 2 in the leg, one oral
  • Likes = dancing, sucking on his hands, smiling, laughing at mommy and daddy’s crazy faces, music.
  • Dislikes = when the music stops, being hungry, being in the car seat when he is in a bad mood.

I hope everyone has a great day.



Workout Fail

Hello friends!

Welp I had a feeling this would happen.. I said I was going to commit to doing P90x last week and I failed.. I’m not making excuses but last week was really busy (okay so that was an excuse), but really. We had something planned every night last week… Don’t worry Liam isn’t buying my lame excuses either


But this week is a new week, and after watching the finale of Biggest Loser Sunday night, I found some motivation to work out yesterday.  Liam was exhausted from daycare


So I decided to do Cardio x while he was relaxing with Erik after he got back from the gym.  Cardio X kicked my butt, and I again didn’t get to finish because Liam was sleeping and hungry around 7 so I had to stop it 9 minutes short.  I think all that was left was the cool down and stretching, so I don’t think all was lost.



Tonight’s workout is shoulders & Arms and Ab ripper X.. I know for a fact that Ab ripper X is going to kick my butt.  I’ve also decided that I am going to cut out the Yoga day, Yoga isn’t my thing (believe me I tired to like it), and the dvd is an hour and a half long. I just cannot commit that kind of time right now.  Maybe I can try to throw the yoga dvd in on the weekend when Liam is sleeping during the day, and I have more time.  I think instead of the yoga portion I will add the Plyometrics dvd in. Couldn’t hurt..errrr We’ve learned from our mistake…



I hope everyone has a great day!


Best Friend playdate

Hello friends!

Is this snow serious?!


It’s supposed to be spring… well at least its pretty, for a few hours until people start driving around and the snow gets dirty.. yuck!

This past Friday, Brandon, Erin and Caden came over for dinner and a play date.  This play date was much more lively than the last.. you remember the last one when Liam was only 4 days old.

IMG_9575Well this time they were both awake and very alert.


ahh they are so cute. It is going to be so much fun seeing these little guys grow up together 🙂

At one point they were both falling over, and obviously instead of helping them back up into a seat position, we continued to take pictures.

IMG_0121 IMG_0122IMG_0123

haha.  We were also video taping the entire photo session.  Bad parenting? Maybe, but it was funny. I have yet to watch the video, but I know it’s going to be adorable. IMG_0134Me and my twinsieee 🙂 IMG_0144 Love her 🙂IMG_0151I hope everyone has a great day 🙂 Let’s hope spring comes back soon… I am so sick of this cold weather!