Weekend Round-up

Hello friends!

Sorry I was MIA all weekend, I was a bit busy.  Saturday was my long run day, this week was 4 miles again (eek 5 miles this coming sat!), and I ran it in 37:26!  That is fast for me, and the best part was that I felt that if I needed to run another mile I could have.  So although I am a bit nervous about my 5 mile run this coming sat, I know that I can do it, even if it is at a slower pace than normal.  I had to run my 4 miles without my running buddy, hubby, because our entire family went snowboarding together.  I have been told I am not allowed to go snowboarding this year because of my shoulder, bleh.

Oh well. I was upset about it for a while, but realized there was nothing I could do about it, therefore being upset and letting it ruin my weekend was stupid.  I did have an AWESOME day on Saturday, after my run, I took down the remaining Christmas lights (not so fun), then my friend Katie came over.  Katie has wanted a puppy for, geez, I donno at least at year, and had recently been going to adoption events to search for one.  We really didn’t have anything planned for the day, we just knew we wanted to hang out, so I said I would go with her to look at puppies.  I love Katie, we always have a great time when we hang out, and this was no exception. We drove to the first Petsmart and realized we had arrived early, so we walked around the shopping center in search of a place to eat.

First of all, Katie said, and I quote, “We can go to the Petsmart and find something to eat around there, there are plenty of places in that shopping center for food.”  Wrong.  Other than a Mcdonalds, the only other place to eat was a Mexican “fast food” joint, which was a knock off of Chipotle.  A bad knock off actually.   We walk in and the guy behind the counter, bless his heart, was so loud and enthusiastic, I totally wasn’t ready for it.  I got nervous, I didn’t really know what I was ordering, and ended up ordering a shredded chicken burrito, smothered in cheese and green sauce.  haha, it was bad, I was sweating by the time my burrito came out of their “oven”.  Katie, obviously does not get nervous when ordering at new places, because she got 2 soft tacos..done.  Needless to say, we could not stop laughing after we got our food and I only ate 1/4 of my artery clogging burrito.

Oh yea, and as you can tell in the picture, we sat outside and ate, with no coats…is it really January?!  I’m not really complaining tho, I hate the cold, bleh.  After lunch, we saw lots of puppies, drove around (in search of more adoption events), and laughed till we couldn’t breathe.

We got home, and watched about 4 episodes of Pit Bulls and Parolees,great show, then Katie left and Erik, Hyojon, Lejia and I went to Sean and Brandy’s house for a surprise 40th birthday party for our friend Hugh.  I didn’t take any pictures of the party (I was too busy eating and holding our friends new baby!), but we had a really good time.

Yesterday, was a bit of a lazy day after we got back from the gym.  My workout yesterday was a doozy, Day 15- Legs with my new workout buddy, my hubby.  He really pushed me to my limits yesterday, and I can really feel it today.  I had to postpone my 3.5 mile run this morning because my body was so sore, but I intend on running it after work.

Well, that is all for today, sorry this post was lacking in the photo department, you can find some photos of my weekend on my 365-photo project page. Oh yea, I am also meeting with my lawyer for the first time today for my accident! Wish me luck!


Do you get nervous when you order food at a new place?