Hello friends!

I am having a tough time thinking of what to write about today.  With my surgery less than a week away, not only am I getting more anxious but the pain has also been getting worse.  I don’t know if my body is mad at me or what, but it sucks.  I have also been thinking, I think I need to make some meals to freeze this weekend.  I know from talking to a few people that I will not be able to do anything next week after my surgery, so if anyone has any recipes they want to share with me, please send them my way!

Last night was leftover night at our house:

We had two burgers left from Sunny’s Party this past weekend, along with potato salad, and bean salad.  Not too bad, I decided I am not really a fan of reheated burgers, but it was food and I was hungry so I ate it.

Tuesday nights are really jam packed with our favorite TV shows, some of which we don’t have time to watch, so thank goodness for DVR.  We watched Glee (loved it), The New Girl (not bad, but not great), and Raising Hope (my fav show).  We recorded Biggest Loser ( I still have to watch week 1’s episode), and 19 Kids and Counting.  Erik sometimes watches the Biggest Loser, but those last two shows are really just for me, haha.

Speaking of working out….. with my surgery being next week, I have been trying to get in as much gym time as I can now before I am stuck at home and banned from running for who knows how long.  I have yet to ask my doctor that question, I guess I am just avoiding it…. I went on Monday, and did 3 miles on the elliptical, but skipped out yesterday morning, due to the fact that I stayed up too late to watch the stupid Redskins lose *grumble*…. But I got up this morning and ran 1.24 miles before I starting having shoulder pain, so I stopped that and hopped on the elliptical and did another 2 miles there.  It felt okay, I am frustrated because I wanted to get at least a 2 mile run in AND get 2 miles on the elliptical but I didn’t want to push it.  I will try again tomorrow morning.

Alright well, I hope everyone has a great day! Perhaps we will get a break in this rain, I swear its been raining here for 3 straight weeks.


What are you favorite tv shows?

Are you a fan of leftovers?– some people aren’t but we love them.